Travel Check List
The following items are recommended for you to have
with you when you are picking your puppy up to take
him/her home, whether by air or by vehicle.  It's better to
have it and not need it than to need it and not have it!!
Crate/box/laundry basket for a cozy place to sleep
---Crate is automatically included if flying
Newspaper or absorbent material in case of an accident
Paper towels
Kitchen trash bag
Baby wipes or similar
Something to chew on & play with
(rawhide, toy, bone, etc)
Lead and small collar
Small bags
to pick up any poop when stopping for potty breaks
If puppy is being flown, a
photo ID is mandatory for picking up
Water bowl (feeding is not recommended until you get home
unless it's a long ride back in which I recommend you wait at least
a couple hours and let the puppy adjust to riding.  Bring a
also if this is the case)
if a road trip is the case for going home.  
My puppies are fed Purina Pro Plan for Puppies as well as
Diamond Puppy (found at Tractor Supply stores and is a little less
expensive than Purina and Nutro).  I like Nutro Puppy and
Retriever Puppy as well (Retriever is most affordable and found at
Tractor Supply stores).  These are high energy dogs and you will
want a high protein/high fat puppy food until 1 year of age, feeding
2x a day starting from the time you take your puppy home, then
transfer to an adult food with the same high protein and fat
content, unless you are dealing with a weight issue.  Reduce to
feeding 1x per day once your puppy is 1 year old.  Always
follow-up with your Vet for their recommendations as well.

I hope this helps as you prepare to bring your new puppy home!!
I put my all into my puppies and dogs and want this transition to
be as smooth as possible for them as well as you!!