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Hey there! I just wanted to send a couple pictures of the puppy we
got from you at Christmas! He has been such an awesome addition
to our family!

B.Perkins, North Carolina
Silver Male
January 2012
Here are some pictures of her during the first month after we surprised the
kids on Christmas and a picture of her on her first camping trip passed out in
our pop up trailer.
She has tripled in size and loves to chew on everything including us.  Ha!  We
are trying to train her not to chew on us but it has been quite a chore.  Her
nickname is “The Beast”.  Lol!
Anyway, we will try and send you some more updated pictures.
Thanks again for our wonderful baby!

LM Sowers  
Silver Female
February 2012
Mistletoe Sowers
this house!!! Even Shane
said, "I think we picked the
perfect addition to our
family!"... and just to think,
he was the "last" one left in
the litter :) God looks out
for us all, big & small!!!
What a sweet moment between these
Jacqueline Dyson for a beautiful &
fabulous pup... and a BIG thanks to
two... Drake had a chance to love on
Shiloh K-9 Dog Training Services LLC
for the first stages of getting the
training underway for the current &
future "service" for our sweet Drake!
Can someone say "best buddies"...
Grant has been wanting this pup
with his little brother as well. Grant
has to be the best kid I know,
always sharing and caring for
others! He deserves a best buddy!!!

Trish - NC  
Silver Male
March 2012
Merry Christmas Sower Family!!!
Favorite Toy!!
Camping Trip
(Silver) and
Shimmering Labs Shad (Silver)
(Silver) &
(Silver) and
Shimmering Labs Shad (Silver)
Mya" (Mya).  She is now 15 weeks old!  We just received her
registration and pedigree papers in the mail and I was looking
on the internet and found that your "Smokin' Pipe" and "Silver
Strike" are her grandparents!  I saw "Silver Strike", but I did not
see "Smokin Pipe".  I now know where Mya gets her good looks
from....lol!!  I thought it was pretty cool to find her grandparents
on the internet and see what they actually look like!!  I also found
photos as she grows!!

Cynthia L.
June 2012
Reply to Cynthia:
relatives of my own dogs and would find pictures.  Thank you so much for the compliment on where your little one got her looks from.  That is sweet.  We no longer
have Piper (Smokin' Pipe) but I included some photos of her for you to see.  She was a beautiful girl but a terrible mom...very nervous and laid on them.  After 2
litters and loosing nearly all of them, she went to an only-child home.  I actually just ran across the family that bought her and they have decided to breed her and
apparently she is doing good for them.  It just didn't work well with me so I finally said 'no more'.  If you got a puppy out of her line that is awesome as her puppies
were hand-raised due to her behavior.  Those were very special puppies to me.  
Anyway, it is so nice to hear from you.  Would it be okay to add your email to my Testimonial page on my web site?  If not, that is okay.  Not everyone is okay with that
and I totally respect that.  I always ask first though.  
I included several pictures for you to see Piper as a pup and as she got older.  I also had one of her parents for you from Pidge in OK.  She and I are very good
friends.  I'll send more pictures in a separate email.....sometimes I can overload when it comes to pics of the dogs.  ;-)  
You take care and enjoy that new puppy!!!  Enjoy your research too....it is fun to do!!
Jacqueline Dyson
Ellendale Labradors
Granddaughter to
(pictured below)
& Stryker (Silver)
Hey, thought I'd send you
grandpuppy!!  We took her to
Hey, thought I'd send you week
and she loved it!!  She another
picture of your grandpuloved
seeing the people more than
the sand and water...lol!  Talk to
you soon!

June 2012

(4 months old)
reality she is settling in and is going to make a great addition to
our family:) thanks again.

Macy K. - AL
Silver Female
August 2012
& Stryker (Silver)

Thank you so much. Carter slept
the whole way home. He has been
doing really well and sleeps
through the night. He does not
know what to really make of Finley.
They sleep together. Finley just
wants to run and play.

Amanda A. - NC
Silver Male
August 2012
& Stryker (Silver)
His is unbelievably mellow and adjusting to the
new environment, but overall, he is perfect.  
His appetite is huge, he is very well behaved
for now.  I purchased some more NuVet Vet on
Saturday.  I am extremely happy with the Vet on
Saturday.  I am extremely happy with the little
guy and can't thank you enough.  I've attached a
few photos.  
Brad H. - Alabama
Silver Male
Arrival at the airport.
& Stryker (Silver)
she is officially house broken, sits and crate trained. We love her
weighs a whopping 16 pounds! So I would say shes defiantly fat
and happy  hope all is well and take care
Macy, 09/2012
& Stryker (Silver)
Life with Stormy has not been rough at
dogs, she was a little fearful of them at
first. She's been doing so well potty
training. She's just a little  sweetheart.
Everyone is fascinated by her...  We
are so thankful for you...for Stormy.
Jacqueline...thank you so much.
Again...I could never thank you enough
for your kindness... Your generosity.  
As always,
Your friend,
Silver Female
With her frisbee, she carries it
around only to sleep on it usually.
Lol. She is doing G R E A T!
Hey just wanted to tell you our girl is She is
FEARLESS.  Took her to the lake Saturday.  She
loves it and she can SWIM:) I wish I had 10
more just like her.  Hope all is well with your
two momma dogs.  Talk to you soon.
& Stryker
airport to go to his new home in the UK.
Jayne L, Norfolk, UK
Light Silver Male
Yogi and my (Ell Labs,
Jacqueline's) son
Drew playing in the
yard before he went
to his new home.
He had to wait and get
his vaccinations
before he could go
out of the Country so
he got a lot of
spoiling while he
Yogi's Sire
as a puppy.
Yogi as a puppy
Yogi as a puppy
Like Father, Like Son
Yogi loves his new home
and going on a walk, as well
as meeting new friends
with his new family!!
Thank You so so much for the
amazing floral arrangement!!  
I had to kiss that puppy on
the nose as soon as I saw it
and hold back the tears!!  
You are both such wonderful
people and I know Yogi is
going to absolutely LOVE his
new life and his new family!!!
From Jacqueline
(Pardon the eyes, you
can't red eye...not red
eyes apparently)
October 2012
Yogi has settled in so well.  He
asks to go to the toilet by putting
his paw on the glass door so I'm
forever cleaning the glass. lol  He
has had a couple of toilets
(accidents) indoors but he has
done so well.  He sleeps well at
night.  He is one special puppy.  
Far most the best puppy we could  
have wished for so a huge big
thank you once again for bringing
him into our life's.
Brian & Jayne
Silver Male
doing good , Yogi is doing great he is such a beautiful boy and we are so glad we have him in our
life he has a great character he is  so so funny i have enclosed some pictures but i can't get him
to pose for me because he's always on the go bless will see if i can get some more soon , i have
labrador the lady then said oh my goodness my friend in essex breeds silver labs i was so
shocked , so from there we managed to get intouch with this lady & she invited Brian, Yogi, & i
over to hers for the day she has a little female born on the same day as Yogi she has suggested
that she would like to use Yogi in the the future the lady said that Yogi is the only male in this
country that's not related to any other silver labs in this country . well enjoy your weekend
{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}} Brian Jayne & Yogi
Hi Jacqueline , hope you are well i'm just writing this quick
email to wish you & your family a very merry christmas ,
He's doing great a beautiful baby i love him loads he's
getting very big he loves everybody & everything lol i'm
still trying to stop him from jumping up people when i take
him on his walks he tries to take of on all fours as he gets
so excited he reminds me of a kangaroo lol well now
jacqueline hopefully talk to you soon take care love Jayne
Brian & Yogi x  12/14/2012
Ok, so... potty training is going great. Of course we have occassional accidents, but she's actually picking it up really fast! I'm lucky that I can be
here all day with her to be consistant though. That's huge.  Last night I only had to get up twice with her to go outside, then Phil took her out
when he got up for work. She slept in her crate all night, then got in the bed with me after Dillan went to school. She's getting pretty spoiled, but
I think that's what makes a loyal, people-person type of dog like Bailey was. She's just too stinkin snuggly and I can't help it!! She's not whining
not holding on to her. (She's definitely not ready to have the run of the house just yet!) The kids get in there with her a lot when they're here and
of course I grab her up for snuggles a lot during the day. The kids are doing great with her and not fighting over her like I thought they would!
Silver Female
Video Above:  This is how I've started feeding this
wild child! It keeps her busy for a few minutes!
She's a handful and keeps me
on my toes but she is also SO
smart! She's already learned
gets a treat when she uses the
bathroom outside, so here's
what she does... she'll squat and
pee (and of course look at me
the whole time to MAKE SURE I
see her) then run right to me
and sit to get a treat. Then that
mess!  12/13/2012
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
lab we got from you back in August.  His name is Earl
and he is growing like a weed and was 37 pounds at
our last vet visit a couple of weeks ago.  He has been
a great addition to our family.
Silver Male
Attached is a recent photo of
Avery at 13 months.  She is an
extremely intelligent dog, and has
beautiful features for a lab. She
has settled in at approximately 65
lbs.  She is a head turner within
every venue we attend.  She has
an excellent temperament with
children and adults, and has really
bonded with my son.
Wilie W.  
Silver Female
& Stryker (Silver)
breeder!!!! because they are in great shape and look very healthy and just beautiful/wonderful dogs. We said, yes they
did. Surprising at home many people have never heard or seen silver labs. Everyone always asks... what kind of dog is
see the difference as they get older...one week is to quick. Hope all is well with you and your family.

She is the greatest!!!!  She has really taken to me... everyone else is jealous but I know that a dog usually will look at
one as the real owner ( hahahahaha) and she has chosen me. haha
But all kidding aside, she is very beautiful! I will keep you updated and will send pics when I can know that you will tell
a difference. Take care and thank you for the family compliments. I am a very lucky person and I know that. Be good
and I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!
Darrel     12/2012
& Stryker
The Choc. Lab (pictured below) is
Maddie she is 11 years old and the
Vizsla is 2 1/2 years old, she is my
sons dog who lives with us. Those two
are best friends now and run all over
the house and in the yard.
Anyway...enjoy, she is doing
wonderful.  Talk to you soon. Hope
you had a nice Christmas and have a
Happy New Year!!!
& Stryker (Silver)
Maci is doing great! she's full of energy
command sit, and is coming to her name
when we call her.

Hey Jacqueline!
Just figured I'd give you an update on
our silver girl Maci! She's doing great!
She's almost 12 weeks now and she's
growing like a weed! Potty training was
a little rough but she's doing so much
better! She's even sleeping up in bed
with us! She's a smart little girl! She
even had her first swim which was a
surprise to her! She was running on our
dock and fell off! She did great tho
swam right back to shore and was
running around very happy! She even
had her first ride on a quad! She loves
her big sister Chloe the White German
Shepherd and big brother Luther the St.
Bernard. She loves to cuddle and sleep
with Luther, it's funny to watch. She also
loves to sleep in or on shoes! She
stuffs her face in Jared's shoes, she's
brave! We love her very much and are
so happy she is part of our family and
can't thank you enough! I'll attach some
pictures, she's the cutest thing!

Ashley & Jared
Silver Female
"Blue Babcock"
& Stryker (Silver)

I know you are super busy with puppies but we just wanted to give you an update on "Ellie". We thought you may appreciate this
story more than everyone else! After picking her up I got home and immediately took a nap to get ready for "night one". At her
bedtime I was prepared to listen to whining and yelping for hours! Ellie picked up her Kong and walked in the crate laid down and
went to sleep until 2am! Now night three she is fully crate trained and goes out before I go to bed at 12 and wakes up to go out when
I wake up at 5.
We went to the vet yesterday and she is 9 lbs and in perfect condition.
The techs at the vet were so impressed with her temperament they took your name down!  Hope you are well and thanks for a great
Silver Female
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
Lucy is doing well and sees Griffin Lucy
really enjoys playing with my sons dog
that lives with us (Ceanna) She is the
Vizsla... So they wear each other out!  
Can't believe they were 3 months old
yesterday. Funny you said they draw
attention. I call Lucy my chick magnet.
Can't go anywhere with people
stopping me and all think she is a
wymeriener...  I know I didn't even get
close to that spelling!  A lot of people
ask me where I got  her and even a few
ask for your website address.
Anyway...sorry to ramble.. I hope you're
doing well Jackie!  Happy New Year!
Jan. 2013
He has had two good nights! First night we were anxious and
likely woke him up before he really needed to go out.  We
and we can tell he is a smart guy!
January 2013
Michele, Vince, Gabe and Ben
SF Chocolate male
South Carolina
(SF Black)
Hi sweetheart!!!
We have been so busy with the start of school and straight into exams, back into hockey and
basketball season, gymnastics, CHORES...well...I don't have to tell you!
How are you??? And your boys and pups!? Do you know that not only do I love our new addition
but every day it makes me think and send love and prayers to you, when I even look at our
sweet ROCKA! Without you I would have never felt this type of compassion for an animal...never
ever having  raised a pet until now.
You know better than I, what is standard for characteristics of a puppy.  But here is what we are
doing with ROCKA.  He NEVER has soiled his crate since the first night we have had him.  He can
smell out a quail and pheasant wing immediately when we put it out in our yard...we live on 1/2
acre, he is already fetching on a regular basis and bringing it back and releasing on command
(it's not even forced...he just loves to retrieve...go figure :)), he likes it if I carry him over my
shoulder, he loves to sleep under something...his "older brothers" book bags or our jackets, or
his pillow pet, he loves his Kong toys, he has an "old man" soft spirit and when he is tired he
grumbles to be in his own puppy bed so he has space.  ROCKA is so excellent that I even took
him out to potty the other day in the snow and he didn't know that our youngest Aspen and
Archer were outside. And when they came rolling up to the back porch ROCKA turned, stood
guard, barked until he realized that it was his "brothers"...they were in full snow gear, hats and
hoods and all so he couldn't recognize them right off the bat. So proud!!!
When Arden is away I bring him up to my room and he lays and plays with me...but I always bring
him back to his crate so he doesn't get confused...this is always at night! :)
He is so funny with the kids!  He will give them a run for their money...grab their shoe laces and
pant legs. He is so tolerant of the little ones and our older boys are taking such good care and
showing excellent responsibility with him.  
All in all...ROCKA is a beautiful addition to our family.  And the SOLE person I have to thank is
you.  It has been such an incredible experience.  I have to stop myself from emailing or
facebooking you every second of the day.  
What ever I can do to help promote your amazing family, testimonials etc.  You know I will do in a
heart beat!!!
Again, tell me about how you are.  The family etc!? Your mom? The six pawed cat...ha! I think of
you always and wish we were closer.  You are amazing and NEVER forget it! When you're
children are older they will look back and see how much you gave and sacrificed for them...they
will...don't ever forget that! Xoxoxoxo
Ann Catherine
Silver male
& Stryker (Silver)
9 WKS shots...CHECK,
The Vet in total amazement always
wanting to actual touch one for the
first time...CHECK,
ROCKA already 20.7 lbs,
Plus, listen to this. Might be one of Lucy and Griffin's cousins or older
brother. A friend of mine in Wilmington SC saw a guy in his neighborhood
with a silver lab and asked where he got it. He told him Ellendale Labradors.
How funny was that? Dog was around 2ish he said. Small world. She is
getting big, up to 30 lbs now but Griffin is almost 40 lbs. They will be 4
months old this coming Monday. How time flies. If you go to the FB site you
will see Lucy, face only but you wont miss her... she still has that look and
her eyes haven't changed too much like Griffins. She is very smart but hard
headed!!!! Still gets up once during the night looking for something to eat,
Jen tells me Griffin has been sleeping through the night since he was about
10 weeks old. :-( Wish I was so lucky. Hope you are doing well!!!!     Feb. 2013