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Hi Jacqueline,
Our little guy is doing awesome.  He slept for 3/4 of the car ride home........
which was great.  He is already turning heads of people who meet him. I
will send some pics soon. He has made himself quite at home here.  I also
just wanted to say thank you again for being so patient with me, and
helping us choose our new family member.  My husband and the boys
have decided to name him Cutter.....Cutty for short...... because that is
what they call a marlin who is swimming behind the baits before he
strikes. We are a fishing family after all.  It's not the name I wanted, but the
boys all seem to like it.  The puppy was just as happy being called "Buddy"
for the last few days.  Potty training is going well, and we have a toy handy
at all times to combat the biting.  He did use Hunter as a chew toy once
though.  Hunter was so upset that he said we should take the dog back.  
We all just laughed at him, which made him even more mad.......=)
Thank you so much,

Star and the Hanchey boys (Kelly, Shane, and Hunter)
June 26, 2011
Silver Male
Hi Jacqueline,
I meant you email you yesterday, but it’s been non-stop with Madigan.  She had
a great vet visit.  Got her next round of shots and is set up for heart worm and
flea and tick meds.  She is a total hit where ever she goes.  It’s amazing.  I took
her on a lot of walks yesterday and cars stopped on the street to ask about
her, strangers stopped me and everyone at the vet was crazy for her.  Luckily
she’s not shy and loves the attention.  She’s walking great on the leash.  She’s
adjusting well to city living.  It was amazing that she knows how to play fetch
already and returns the ball!  Thank you and your family for teaching her that.  
Also I love that I can say go eat and she eats her food.  She loves her toys and
has been sleeping pretty good at night.  We are figuring out her toileting signs
better today than yesterday.  Overall, she’s a delight.  We love her, really love
her and she’s bonded immediately to us.  I’m glad we have the week off work,
we’ll need it.  The dog walker meets her tomorrow.  Then we are set for
services.  I'll send a picture if she ever stops long enough.  Thank you for
raising her so well.  I’ll be in touch.  Enjoy your vacation.

Janine - Mass.
June 26, 2011
Silver Female
We just picked her up and she so beautiful! No accidents either! She is being sooo good in the car too. Oh my god I love her so much.
Jen - Mass.
June 30, 2011
Silver Female

Thanks for the email and attachment.
I am excited to pickup the pup and have started getting his quarters ready for him.  You should be proud of your operation.
I graded it as well as the quality of your dogs and both were top notch.

Dick - North Carolina
June 16, 2011
Silver Male
Hey Jacqueline, This is Jeremy. I thought I would give you a little update on Mr. USA, which is "Scout" now. He is currently 13.7 pounds of
Hell's Fury at the moment.  LOL!!!! He is a typical Puppy in terms of teething & trying to learn where to do his business.  He was super
good on the ride back to GA. He is a very,very intelligent animal for his age, very stubborn as well. He is a very curious & determined
puppy for sure. He's doing well and learning tricks already (somewhat).  Anyways, I'll drop some pics. in a few weeks & keep you posted
on his progress. Thanks again,

Jeremy - Georgia
July 2, 2011
Silver Male
She is awesome and such a smart little girl!  She is
spoiled rotten already and does not leave her mommies
side!  I am sending this for Penny as I took some
wonderful pictures I will forward to you. It was our
pleasure meeting you and very impressed with your
kennel, service and kindness. Frankie is lying next to
her new friend Charlie the sulcata tortoise. BFF's!!!

Penny & Kim - Florida
Silver Female
June 19, 2011
I have to tell you that you have the most beautiful labs we have ever
seen. Great disposition and calm. We have told everyone about you and
hope that you receive business in the future from our envious
friends/neighbors and strangers! Once again...you are a BLESSING!!!!!!!
Sent from my iPad
"We are in love
and she is
sooooo not
spoiled or loved
as you can see!"
July 8, 2011
"It wouldn't be right to not
show you a true Florida dog
and the BEST toy ever...a
coconut. She has already
shredded it and is on
her next one!"
July 8, 2011
Can I just tell you once again
how beautiful your dogs are.
and future customers for you!
July 8, 2011
Here are a couple pics of Boomer enjoying his new digs. He’s made himself right at

Adam - North Carolina
July 14, 2011
Silver Male
the heat like we are up north. All is well with little Taylor.
Acutally she is not so little anymore. She is growing more and
more each day and we absolutely love her.
August 2011
Attached is a picture of Omi (Tipper) with her two new sisters, Shelby and Hazel.  
Shelby and Omi have bonded and love to play together.  This picture was taken right
beautiful new baby.  I will send more pictures soon.

Lina - North Carolina
November 7, 2011
Silver Female
Checked out your home page to get the updated status on the new litters! MAN!
You have been real busy, just got the last two out before the new pups showed
Miss Liberty is doing well and getting adjusted to her new home, she will start
training either this week or next with Austin.
Glad all is going well and I will send you updates and wish you and yours a very
happy Thanksgiving holiday coming up,

Julia - Georgia
November 7, 2011
Silver Female
"Miss Liberty"
"Miss Liberty"
Waiting for my daughter to get
bring her! Jemma is fine. My
nieces and nephews ask to
Laura L. - Florida
Silver Female
Thankful for her everyday.

November 24, 2011
Here's a picture of Jemma. She's all I ever
hoped for! Perfect pup!  I sure will. She will
have a stocking too for xmas! Im thankful that I
found you and lead me to my new baby.
November 26, 2011
the scale at 85lbs.

We could not be more pleased with him. The 1st few
place with his new home and makes himself more
than comfortable. He has already taken the best
chairs in the house and always jump on the
opportunity to get on the golf cart to go for a ride. I
take him for a run when I can and its certainly his best
time of day. He is great with everyone who is around
him and we never had any issues with him damaging
We could not be more pleased with him. The 1st few
him and we never had any issues with him damaging
anything in the home or getting out of control with
anything in the home or getting out of control with
other people.

The silver lab certainly gets a lot of attention. We are
very pleased with our new family member and want to
thank you for making the entire dog search
experience a very pleasant one. We wish all of you a
very merry Christmas.

Mark & Valerie - North Carolina
Silver Male
December 2011
Hi Jacqueline,
Slash, who we got from you in July. He was a pup from
Gracie & Stryker's litter on April 26, 2011. Attached are
Slash is such a sweet boy & a very quick learner. He
loves car rides, meeting new people & playing with his
new girlfriend at the dog park!! Slash is already tipping
the scales at close to 70 lbs and is only 7 and a half
months old! Despite how fast he is growing, he still
thinks he is a lap dog & jumps at the opportunity to
share the recliner with us! We could not be more
pleased with Slash and look forward to watching him
have a great holiday and hope your new puppies are
have a great holiday and hope your new puppies are
all healthy and happy!  Thanks for allowing us this new
addition to our family!

Jacob and Diane - Raleigh, NC
Silver Male
December 2011
people on the street as our gift and we thank Gracie and
Stryker for our four legged blessing.  
She is a non-stop ball and frisbee catcher and we are working
on trying to skateboard. She would be a lot further along in
her learning curve if her mother would stop falling off the
skateboard and getting injured. Thank GOD for AFLAC !!  :)
Kim and Penny - Florida
Christmas 2011
am an academy award
actress and will work for
food!!  I just don't wear
am an academy award
the Santa hat was fun to
actress and will work for
tear up.  I am living the
food!!  I just don't wear
food!!  I just don't wear
costumes or hats but
costumes or hats but
the Santa hat was fun to
tear up.  I am living the
good life in south
Florida and even have
my own pool and boat.
Don't worry mom as I am
staying warm in Florida
so stay warm in North
Carolina.  Love, Frankie"
went to the corner and slept the whole time.  She did get to play at my in-laws Christmas.  
no trouble with her.  I am getting a lot of compliments on her and so many asking about
fat self is just too cute.  I have gotten so many thank yous from my kids and even my
husband.  Everyone loves her.  She is completely spoiled.  The cat is not fond of her yet
but she will learn.  Her favorite play toy is our feet but those sharp puppy teeth hurt.
haha.  She loves her soft bed and takes all her favorite toys to the bed.  We plan to start
hunting training with her.  My husband has big plans for her.  She already rides in the
truck very well.  Perhaps because she had to ride over 20 hours home in a car. haha.

Sonya B - Texas
Silver Female
December 2011
Blue plays the momma.
She is getting used
to the cold snow.
Found her under the Christmas
tree and I thought the
pictures were too cute.
Life is pretty great here!!!! The girls were very surprised and ecstatic when they opened their "present"! He is
getting the hang of life with us and seems very happy!! I do have a question. At night I am noticing that he
sleeps for four hours and then wakes up crying. I have let him out to go potty and he does. I then put him back
into his crate which he is not happy about at ALL!!! He then cries on and off until I get up which is around 6 am.  
Should I be doing that or should I just let him cry and expect him to last 7 - 8 hours in the crate? It has been a
would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks again and I will be sending you pictures very soon!
Rebecca K. - North Carolina
Silver Male
December 2011

Ellendale Labradors Reply:
Hi Rebecca,
I'm so sorry I have taken so long in getting back to you....multi-tasking...
In regards to his crate and his behavior, you are doing the right thing.  He's still a baby and taking him out in
the middle of the night would be normal otherwise you'll be giving a bath every morning because he can't hold
it all night yet.  I'd continue to let him tell you when he needs to go.  That is awesome!!  The sleeping time will
get longer and longer at night until he is sleeping all night.  I would just ignore the other crying as long as you
know he is okay and has been out to potty.  You are teaching him how things work in your house at night and
he'll catch on, trust me.  I just went through this with a family who bought a puppy from our August litter and
talked with him every day.  His heart was broken listening to her but by the time a week had gone by, he
noticed a great deal of improvement and now I don't hear from him except occasionally and on FB.
Other than that issue, how are things going?  I hope he's being a good boy and keeping his teeth to himself.  
doing!!  Hang in there!!

Reply Back:
Thanks for getting back to me!!!!  I am glad to hear that we are doing the right thing!  Last night was a little bit
better than the last! He woke up two times to go out and went back into his crate. He only cried for a bit and
went right back to sleep. Since we are not use to having to wake up in the middle of the night it has been a
little hard but we will work through it! He is nipping which I know is normal and teaching him what he can chew
on. He just loves my Christmas decorations!! Ha Ha!  He is getting A LOT of love from all of us. Also since he
comes to work with us, he gets plenty of attention from Grandma, Grandpa and all of our employees!  We are
going to the vet today for his 8 week appt. I am looking forward to finding out how much he weighs! He is
definitely getting bigger!! As soon as I down load the pictures from our camera, I am going to send in pics! We
will be in touch!
Take care and I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!
Dec. 29, 2011

Dear Jacqueline,
Happy New Year! We hope you & your family had a wonderful holiday! We sure did!!! Our Christmas scavenger
hunt was a BIG success! The girls went into each room looking for clues to find their last gift.  Dunkin was
under a box with a big red bow around his neck and he actually did surprisingly well!! When they lifted the box,
it was pure excitement!  Dunkin is doing great! He had his 8 week check up and weighed 13 1/2 lbs but now he
weighs about 15 1/12 lbs! Between us, playing with the other neighborhood puppies and coming to work with
us, he is getting lots of love! He is one spoiled baby who loves to sit in our laps! Thank you for giving us the
BEST Christmas present! We will be in touch and will send some more pictures soon.
Take care!
Jan 5, 2012
Dunkin with his girlfriend, Willow
My oldest
Morgan and her
reaction to
opening her
One happy family!!!
xmas b/c I told my
xmas! She just so
wonderful. Great!
She is a princess and
potty is good shell
have an accident or
two, but overall she's
fine. She like to dig!
My son 4 yrs old
plays rough with her
a bit so we are
constantly getting on
to him..... He just
loves to love on her
especially when
she's asleep.
December 2011
Christmas 2011
The only problem I have now she moves so quickly
around the house I sometimes get close to
on her and that scares Amy and I. Otherwise things
are getting better; she only cried for about 35
minutes and then slept till 4:00 am.
All the best,
Tibor, Alabama
October 2011
Silver Female

Ellendale Labradors Reply:

It's great to hear she's improving each day.  She's been
stepped on before....by me....a few times actually.  She'll learn
about staying out from under foot.  It just takes some time.  
She's trying to figure you guys out, your moves, how you walk,
and where she can safely be.  It's happening.... And it's great
that the crying is getting to be less and less.  Improvement!!!  
YEAH!!!!  You're doing great, Tibor!!  Both you and Amy are
absolutely perfect for her!!!
"We couldn't be happier with
Silver. She's such a great dog."
Dietz Family, NC
Silver Female
adjusted beautifully.  She's my love.  She's sweet and spunky and everyone adores her.  One
She's getting big.  Every time she sleeps I think she's growing more.  She has a vet
appointment tomorrow and her Nuvet supplements I think should be arriving tomorrow.  I got
her how to go upstairs and she does great.  She can go down small flights of three or four
hurt herself, so I pick her up and take her down.  She's so proud of herself when she climbs
up the stairs, and when she gets to the top she wants big praise.  It's so cute.  She's been
watching me take some things down into the basement and I can tell she wants to go down
the stairs and I tried to encourage her but she was scared so I went down and dropped some
things off, and when I came back about 15 seconds later, there she was on the first step, so
proud of herself for making it down one stair.  So cute.  She hasn't had a poop accident in the
I just wanted to give you an update on the greatest girl in the world.  She's doing great.  She's
house in days.  I wish I could say it's her, but I'm pretty certain it's my success of taking her out
adjusted beautifully.  She's my love.  She's sweet and spunky and everyone adores her.  One
constantly.  I did notice yesterday she tried to tell me she wanted to go downstairs and I took
She's getting big.  Every time she sleeps I think she's growing more.  She has a vet her out
and she peed, and I have just never been so proud.  I know her bladder is weak and
appointment tomorrow and her Nuvet supplements I think should be arriving tomorrow.  I got
holding it for more than a few seconds is about all she can do, but I'm very happy with her her
a little bed and put it in my office where we spend so much time, and she loves it.  I taught
progress and I know she's going to be trained sooner than I think.  She's very comfortable in
the house.  I think she really knows it's her home.  She doesn't even stick to me like glue like
she did the first day or two.  She will leave me downstairs and go up to her bed and take a nap
and wait for me to come to her.  She's gotten so comfortable with her backyard that now she's
running all over the place and really exploring.  I'm just so proud of her.  She's met a lot of
family and friends already and has just stolen everyone's heart.  Everyone adores her.  She's
met friends' cats and dogs and she does great with all of them.  I took her to Pet Smart the
other day and it was walking in the store with a rock star.  Even the other animals in the store
loved her.  I put her in the little cart and she stood up on the back of it while I wheeled her
through the store, looking for people to charm the entire time.  We will be starting an
obedience class in about a week.  So thank you so much for all that you've done to raise such
a wonderful, loving dog.  It's very obvious you take great great care with the puppies.  It's
people like you who give breeders a good name.  She's a huge blessing in my life and I can
assure you she will be a very happy, loved and well cared for dog.  Oh, I decided to name her
Hazel.  I've attached a few pictures for you so you can see how much she's grown.  There's
also a picture from this morning with her out in the snow.  She seems to like it a lot.  The other
day I came out of the bathroom and found her in the laundry basket.  I still don't know how
exactly she got in there, but it was so cute I had to get some pictures.  You'll love it.

I think you should have received the Agreement back in the mail by now.  I mailed it out on
Friday morning.  I missed the mail pickup on Thursday and we had some bad weather and I
didn't want to get in the car to go to the PO with the roads so slick.  I'll send you some updates
and pictures from time to time so you can watch her grow.

Thank you for entrusting me with such a beautiful girl.  We're already very happy together and
it's only going to get better and better.

Karyn - Mass.
Silver Female  
Just to let you know Ariana is doing I
really love her so much. Shes been
attending Puppy University since shes
doing great. What can I say other than I
got the best dog in the world.
Everywhere we go she goes and we get
non stop compliments on how adorable
she is. Thanks again!!  She only goes to
the crate when we go out for dinner
occasionally, plus she is totally house
broken and does her business outside
on a regular basis. Basically she now
sleeps in our bed with Abby too. I guess
she is as spoiled as she possibly could
get. It's all good. Unbelievable how
large she's getting. Send you some pics
in the next couple of days. Were
thinking going California king size bed
now lol. "
From FaceBook Jan. 2012
gorgeous and the kids
love her. She is very
smart. She stays outside
learning the ropes.  She
is very interested in the
cat but the cat doesn't
like her. She is so quiet.
Never a sound. Every
person comments on
her.  We are very happy
with her. She is so big.
We have to remind
ourselves she is younger
than she looks. The kids
can't lift her anymore and
I can barely carry her. We
are going to start working
with her to train her to
January 2012
active.  She's so loving and
pictures, one Hi Jacqueline,  here
we are with 9 of her serious face,
which reminds me of Stryker, and
one of her everyday happy face.  
She loves fetch and her favorite
trick is "High 5".  She's very
trainable as she'll do anything for
food.  Has the lab appetite, but a
super fast metabolism.  I hope you
enjoy the pictures.  Thank you.  
Regards, Janine and Bill, Boston,
January 2012
Dunkin is doing pretty good! He went to the
vet yesterday for night! YIPPEE!!!!
I do have a couple of questions. A few weeks
ago I noticed that he was very itchy and had
dry skin. So, the vet put him on Aller G-3
(omega 3 fatty acid) and Clemastine
(antihistamine ). Plus he seemed to have
thinning hair around his neck and legs. Since
he was put on both, the itchiness seems to
be better and his coat looks better too. The
meds seem to be working and we are
keeping him on these for now. I was just
checking to see if any of the other dogs have
skin issues or if you have ever dealt with this
before. I trust our vet but wanted to talk with
you too.
Here are a couple of recent pictures of him
@ 3/12 months

Jacqueline's Suggestion:
Try Salmon Oil tabs.  Winter weather is so hard on
skin, including your pet's skin.
Creesy weighed 49 lbs today at
15 weeks at the vet. She's a big
good dog. She doesn't chew up
much. She can sit and she is very
friendly and afraid of other dogs
including tiny ones. Lol.
Hope all is well with you, your
Bleau now is just over a year old
and is doing well. We all are so
thankful for having him as part of
our family.
April 2012

Charlie is in LOVE and smiling!
"I'm a happy girl
and wanted you to
know I am ok!"
July 8, 2011
(Silver) &
Shimmering Labs Shad (Silver)
Stryker (Silver)
Stryker (Silver)
(Silver) and
Shimmering Labs Shad (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
Stryker (Silver)
(Silver) &
Shimmering Labs Shad (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
Stryker (Silver)
&Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
(Silver) and
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
the summer!  Life over here is awesome.  Hazel is an amazing puppy.  
She's smart, loving, fun and so so beautiful.  I just love her and love
her and love her.  She's made my house a home and brought me so
much joy and companionship.  She's a rock star!  I'm so happy with
her and I really believe she feels the same about me.  

such a lover of the Labrador breed and so happy with my
experiences with you, I would like to have one of your puppies I've
decided I would love to get her a sister or brother, and since I'm I'd
like.  I wouldn't mind your opinion on which sex you think might be
best for Hazel or if you think it doesn't matter.  So I'd love to know
when you think you might expect a litter of black pups.  (I'm not sure
if you actually call them black silver factored.)  I would be happy to
get you the deposit to reserve a puppy from the litter.  I'm not as
concerned about having first pick as I truly believe dogs find people
and not the other way around, and my and Hazel's perfect companion
will be ours no matter if we choose first or last.

I've attached a few pictures so you can see how Hazel has grown.  
She's 60 pounds of love.

Karyn Rei
July 2012
pictures of Dunkin. He is doing great! Very
protective of the girls. The three of them love to
play outside (especially in the dirt!) and he likes to
go in the water but hasn't been brave enough to
go all the way in! :) Here are a few pictures.

Take care!

Rebecca, Shaun, Morgan & Greer
June 2012

The guard dog.....favorite thing to do is to look out
window to check everything and everyone out! :)
Most recent! Taken 6/09/12
Fast asleep, curled up on his
bed @ work! Taken 05/23/12
Loves the dirt!
Both are Boomer, almost exactly 10 months apart. I used the deck railing to get
last summer's photo to appropriate scale, placing him into a new photo I took
last weekend.

He's grown up so well--loves the woods in the back yard and you can't get him
out of the water when we bring him up to Falls Lake. He's such a great dog and
best friend. Thanks again!

May 2012
her first birthday!

It's hard to believe
she is already a year
old, but she is still
very much a puppy.
We love our little girl
so much and we miss
her terribly when she
goes off to puppy day
care. She has really
taken to the water and
she perks up
whenever she hears
the word "beach." It's
been a wonderful year
and we are looking
forward to the summer
with our silver beauty!
all 45 pounds Hey Jacqueline, How are you
spayed next Thursday at 5.5 month old. Really
don't wont to but I think health wise it best for
her. Just wanted your opinion.... is it OK to We
are in love with Ariana, my beautiful baby spay
before first heat or wait till later. My mom
keeps insisting to wait but the Vet said before
first heat. Please let me know what you think.
PS I everywhere I go and sleeps on me too.  
Btw if I ever want another Silver Lab I'll just
give you a buzzzzzzzz! Tibor (Feb 2012)
Yeah we thought you'd get a big kick out of it. You'd be surprised how often
phones are both filled with pictures of Madigan, pretty much exclusively!
We've been watching your website to see the new puppy pictures, they are
all so cute!
We're enjoying a beautiful New England Fall, the leaves are really turning
now and the temps have dropped, but not too cold yet. Madigan still gets to
the beach every now and then, she is truly a water dog. The moment we get
up, knowing we're close. It's a joy watching her run and frolic and swim.
Here are a few more. We love how she has these quirks that were there
from the start - like how she sits/stands on the stairs. We just call it
"sit-stand." Enjoy!  
(couldn't post pics....didn't save correctly...will work on this)
October 2012

Ready to roll!

Best dog ever!
Ariana's First Year
Dunkin is doing
wonderful!! We had a
great holiday! We all
can't believe it has
been a year since we
picked up Dunkin and
brought him home! He
is still doing so well!!!
Spoiled rotten and we
are loving it! Here are
a few new pictures!
Christmas 2012
This is SO cool.....
Boomer as a puppy and an
adult.....great photography
Adam & such a neat idea!!