Sorry it has been so long since we sent
you an update.  Hope your Christmas and
New Years went well.  Thank you so much
for the Christmas card.  Sarah and I really
enjoyed receiving it. Jersey is doing
excellent.  She is a very loving dog who
has been just perfect for us.  She plays
really well with other dogs, whether it has
been a Yorkie or a Great Dane!  We
always take her to the dog park which she
loves, and even finally got into the water
for the first time this week (even though
it was a tad chilly).  She LOVES beach
trips.  As soon as she sees a sand dune
she gets SOOO excited and knows where
she is.  We don't even really need a leash
with her either as she behaves so well.  
She had a ton of fun in the snow too.
They're truly beautiful dogs and we cant
even begin to tell you how many
compliments Jersey gets, shes the
"hottie" around our way! Hah!  Thanks
again for keeping in touch and hope this
new year brings you only the best!
-Talk to you soon, enjoy the pictures of
our "little" girl!!

Sarah and Kevin
New Jersey
Silver Female
Hey Jacqueline! Its been quite a bit since I've last
spoke with you!  Hope all is well! Kevin and I are
doing well, and Jersey Girl is doing amazing!! We
couldn't be happier with her!!  She is our baby!!   
Light Silver Labrador puppy
~Testimonials From New Puppy Owners~
~Page 2~
other pups in the house and has the best personality. I'm in Cabo right now so
I'm missing him too. Seth is at home with him and says he's doing great. Seth
couldn't be any happier with Wayne. That makes me feel so good cuz I know I
made him wait a long time and drive pretty far ; ) but it was all worth it! I will give
him a hug for you when I get home next Sunday. There is a Yellow Lab here in
Cabo and it makes me miss Wayne cuz it's a male and I usually don't get to be
around many males but I love how energetic and playful they are. We took him
to the vet and he checked out good . We have to take him again in the
beginning of April for more shots. Everyone is always commenting on his color
and his eyes. Everyone loves him. Thank you so much for such a great pup! Talk
to you soon!
Charcoal Male
Head Shot of a Charcoal Labrador Retriever
Charcoal Labrador Retriever puppy Head Shot

and healthy puppy brimming with personality.  Our daughters fashion themselves as “Little Princesses” and Keeley has
7 weeks) and is already showing signs of intelligence.  It is quite obvious she came from good bloodlines and was born
into a caring environment.

Besides the puppy itself, we also wanted to thank you for making the entire process relatively seamless.  You kept us
updated on the pregnancy, birth, and the critical days that followed.  Everything from the payments to the agreement
and picking her up was easy.  Plus it was kind of you to show us your beautiful dogs and spend time with us to give
good advice on raising Keeley.

But what is most important to us is the care and time you put into breeding these wonderful dogs.  It is important for
people who are considering you as a breeder to know the care, time, effort and devotion you put in to raising your
puppies and dogs.  The fact that you put in countless hours and sleepless nights making sure the puppies were fed and
cared for when their mother could not do it gives us affirmation that we chose the best breeder.  It also tells us that for
you, this is truly a labor of love and not a way to earn a quick buck.  If families want a great pet from a loving breeder
with high integrity, they will be well served to choose Ellendale Labradors.  Thanks again for all that you did.
Attached is a picture of Keeley at seven weeks.  She is growing like a weed!
We wish you nothing but success!

Warm regards,
Rob & Kathy
June 24, 2010

PS  Of course, we would expect nothing less than character and integrity from a fellow Pittsburgh Steelers fan.  
(Sorry, I had to throw that in there)
amount of love it gives.  She is just shy of 9 pounds, lays at my
feet wherever I am sitting (which is usually at the computer),
swims in the pond & goes on walks with us and the big dogs
and when she can't wake me up in the middle of the night to
potty she wakes John up who gets me up. She is sitting on command, and
retrieving 9 out of 10 times that I throw her squeaky toy or a stick. I just love
her to pieces.  I think my husband does too but he won't say it out loud!  :-)
Peggy, Light Silver Female
New York
July 2010
this weekend.  She is
such a sweet heart. Isn't
it amazing that even at
her young age she
knows when to be
gentle?  I don't even
her when we are there.
She trots down the hall
right beside me & stops
to visit everyone she
meets.  It is amazing to
see the residents faces
light up the way they
do.  This weekend there
were some family
members with residents
who were unable to talk
or make their bodies
move that asked to pick
her up. When they did &
she was put up next to
the resident's face their
I took Annie with me to
eyes would light up SO
BIG!  :-)  She brought a
lot of joy to a bunch of
people yesterday.
July 2010
Nothing like a ride in the car for a Lab puppy
Labrador Puppy visiting a nursing home

I will update you regarding Cole, our black lab from your litter in June of 2009.  He is the best dog we could have hoped for.  Great
guard dog as well as family friend.  We have moved to my family's farm and he has plenty of room to run!!  He is also my running Take
Hoping you had a very Merry Christmas and Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Jennifer C. - SF Black Male
Hi Jacqueline
Long time no talk.  How are things going?  I see that you have expanded
you dogs, good for you.  We have also decided to get in the breeding
business.  Chinook is doing awesome.  She weighs about 64 lbs and is a

Penny, Light Silver Female
Alberta Canada
 Silver Pawz
Her coat has a very silky texture to it and she is the lightest of our two Silver females.  We
purchased her from Ellendale Labradors of North Carolina at the age of 8 weeks.

Chinook is a very loving dog and is always looking for attention.  She listens well and always
wants to please.  She has a great temperament and a loving way about her that is irresistible."

Quoted from
Silver Pawz web site.
Amazing head shot of a Light Silver Labrador
Beautiful Light Silver Labrador
Very happy girl, Light Silver Labrador Retriever
Sleepy Lab Puppy
I'm not moving!!
Lab Puppy Napping

We purchased Chinook from Jacqueline almost two years ago now.  Chinook will be two December 29 of this year.  She has grown into a beautiful dog
weighing approximately 64 lbs.  She has a very sweet disposition and loves to hug.

Jacqueline was very helpful when we were enquiring about purchasing a puppy from her.  Any questions we asked she answered.  We even talked back
and forth as if we were long lost buddies.  It was great when our puppy was finally born that Jacqueline took the time to tell us about her and to send
lots of baby pictures.  That was important to us so we could see her change in the weeks before she was shipped.

We are very happy with Chinook and the service Jacqueline provided.  Her dogs produces beautiful puppies and I would recommend her to anyone.  
We have started our own dog breeding business in Canada and Chinook with be one of our breeding females.  We are sure she will produce beautiful
puppies just like her parents.

Thank you Jacqueline for all your help.

Rick & Penny Y.
Lacombe, AB Canada
Had her visit to our Vet today - she's in perfect condition, had her
microchip and a shot.  The office staff fell in love - they haven't seen a
charcoal lab in the Santa Cruz mountains :)  And her name is `Keeley`
which in Gaelic means `beautiful, graceful`.

Thanks for the new joy of our life!!
Kevin & Julie, Charcoal Silver Labrador
Light Silver Lab pup,
Profile Shot of a Light Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy
Happy Little Labrador Puppy
Labrador Puppy sitting pretty
Labrador Couch Potatoes
When it was time to add another Silver Labrador to our home we did a lot of
research.  There are a lot of so called breeders who have jumped on the silver
the first time we contacted Jacque till the day we left her home with our new She
sent us pictures  every week as our pup was growing, it was like we new her from
the day she was born.  Once we arrived at her home to pickup our pup she spent
a lot of time going over all of the needs of this little girl.  Jacque took us out to
and a large fenced in area to allow the Labs the play.  I have nothing but praise
for Ellendale Labradors,  from their professional and informative website, their
nice kennels, their abundance of information, and their southern hospitality.  If
you are thinking about adding a pet to your home give Jacque a call and I am sure
she will help you decide if a Lab is right for your family.  After all a Lab is not just a
she will help you decide if a Lab is right for your family.  After all a Lab is not just a
pet it is truly a family member.  Thank youpet it is truly a family member.  Thank you

The Miller Family, Light Silver Labrador
New Jersey
The little Beach Girl, Silver Lab puppy
Nothing like a run on the beach!
Uh-Oh, I'm caught.  Charcoal Lab puppy
Amazing Charcoal Labrador Retriever
Beautiful shot of a Charcoal Labrador Retriever

I just wanted to give you an update!
He's growing like a weed! He weighs 24.5 lbs. He got his second round of shots today which means
he can actually start going outside. He still can't play with the big boys yet but at least he gets to go
outside and do his business! He start kindergarten on Tuesday.
And he's all around Amazing!
Hope you're surviving. Those little ones are cute!
Heather, New York
Light Silver Male
Silver Lab pup, beautiful head shot
One Pooped Out Little Lab Puppy
is a very good looking Labrador! You're right, everywhere we go, people comment on his color and how
handsome he is. (Plus my golden retriever is so cute too so we get double the attention!) Seth always
says he regrets neutering him because he is so good looking and we get offers all the time to use him as
a Stud. Ha. You can def add a whole page of just him! He would love that! :)  Maybe I will enter him into a
contest to be in the next Labrador year calender! Seth has the calender for this year and of course there
are no Charcoal or Silvers, so I think they need to add some to the bunch! Yes def check out my page
and as the weather gets better here, I will get more pics of him. I can't wait for him to swim this summer.
He was still pretty small last summer so I think he will have a lot of fun this year!
That would be so hard to raise all these puppies then let them all go, so I understand how much it means
to you to keep in touch. I think at one point you told me you had family in Indiana, so if you are ever near
Indy, please let us know so you can come see him if you want! Just keep me updated if you hear from
either of Wayne's brother or sister! If i remember correctly i think there was a silver male and a charcoal
female... So it would be neat to see what they look like since they are all different! Talk to you soon!
(May 16, 2011)
Hey there,
Looks like everyone was pretty quick in making their picks. That's great, I'm sure your hoping Gracie's litter picks go as smooth. I just wanted to
thank you for all the e-mails with information regarding all the boys. Hearing from you all that you had to say really made my decision much easier.
I was leaning on the Green male, but was sure he was the one I wanted after your e-mails yesterday about all the pups in the litter. Thanks!
I have printed the Sales Agreement, and will just bring that with me when I pick him up. Also, I ordered Nuvet Plus vitamins awhile back for the
pup and Nujoint Plus for Roxy, a six month supply for both and got on auto ship. I must say, I can tell the biggest difference in Roxy. For one, I
don't notice her limping from where she jumped off the 8 foot tree house. She would sometimes limp if she had really been active around the
yard, which is about daily. But I can't get over how glossy and healthy her fur is! I am really impressed with those vitamins! So glad you
recommend them. I also got the Furminator dog brush today, getting ready to go brush Roxy. I hear this thing is awesome for getting ALL the fur
out. Also, I talked to the trainer today at PetSmart and am planning on starting our little guy with training by early July.
Well, thanks for everything and just let me know when we can come get him and if there is anything else I need to do. My schedule right now is
really flexible, so I can pretty much come any day. Whatever is good for you. I know we have a couple of weeks, but that is gonna fly by!
Talk to you soon!
Kristin :-)   Light Silver Male

Just wanted to let you know that Grizzly is doing so great!  We
absolutely adore him (as do the kiddos) and already cannot
imagine family life without him.  He seems very at ease with
us.  He has slept through the night with no outings for the last
3 nights!  What a good boy!  And he has quite an appetite... will
Thanks for giving us our sweet baby and good luck finding
deserving homes for the others.
Will sent photos soon.

Best wishes,
Alice - Light Silver Male
June 17, 2011
Silver puppy enjoying some down time after playing

beautiful pup, and people ooh and aah all over him.  He weighs 12.5 lbs, is lean but not too skinny, and is getting so tall and capable.  He can
tackle a flight of stairs with no problem and is about ready to jump the baby gate (time to get rid of the gate, I suppose).  He's taken to crate
training very well and can sometimes sleep all night without having to go out.

We have been diligent with an excellent diet, supplements, and timely veterinary care.  He has had very little exposure to other dogs (only 2-3
dogs in our neighborhood have played with him for brief periods so far, all immunized and healthy) and we have not taken him to any public
places yet to be sure he remains as healthy as possible while he is still awaiting all immunizations.

I've attached a picture, he was around 8.5 weeks when it was taken.  He is such a love.
I hope all is well with your broods, both human and canine.

Best wishes,
Alice - July 3, 2011
Hi Jacqueline!
You're almost finished! Wow, what a lot of work.
I just wanted to let you know that Ronin graduated from puppy
kindergarten with flying colors! He's an energetic love bomb weighing
in around 45lbs. He's starting to lose his teeth (not soon enough). And
is beginning to settle down. He is very intense when it comes to eating.
You would think that we were starving him. He's playing well with other
dogs and with all kinds of people. He rides the subway like a service
dog which is great since I can't lift him. He's an all around joy.
I see that you have two boys left.....if you are desperate to let them go,
we could probably be persuaded!
Hope all is well.
Light Silver Labrador Retriever
great. He went for his 9 wk checkup and
shot last week and is 13 pounds!! He was
up. I can't believe how fast he is growing!!
week. I don't know how well that is going
to go....he's pretty wide open, like a puppy
should be. Don't know how much
attention he's gonna give to it. But, I
might be really surprised! He is a to chew
on any part of ME, which hopefully he'll
grow out of.
Well, enjoy your weekend!

June 25, 2011

Hi Jacqueline
I just want to thank you for all you've done to make me feel
really good about buying long distance and not having the
chance to meet everyone. I was reading a book on Lab
puppies and there was an article on breeders and what to
described you to a T. I was so thankful when I read that,
because it was describing you. Your dedication, keeping us
informed, being there even after the puppy comes home, the
extensive Sales Agreement, breeding for the good of
Labradors. Your heart is clearly in it, and that is so important. I
don't have any experience dealing with breeders, but there
are a lot of people out there who are not looking out for the
best interest of the animal. Just wanting to make a quick
buck. So, great job! Give yourself a pat on the back. We will
certainly be repeat buyers. I hope you are in the business
recommend a reputable, comparable breeder.

So, looking forward to seeing the 5 week pics on the website.
Talk to you soon,
Kristin :)
Light Silver puppy waiting for someone to throw the duck again
Beautiful Light Silver Labrador puppy
Light Silver puppy
To all of our buyers who have graciously kept in touch, I can't thank you enough!!  It means more than
you will ever know to see how my babies have grown.
She received her beginner
yesterday.  She really does love
a sweetheart.  My clutzy self
tripped and fell butt over tea
kettle. Annie finished her
apparatus and was on me in a
flash washing my face.  I swear, I
cannot remember life before my
July 25, 2010
Annie during her Agility run 2
Annie during her Agility run 4
Annie during her Agility run 3
Annie during her Agility Run 1
Hey Girl! Thought you might like to
see what Annie and I have been up
to lately. This is at an agility
seminar last Saturday. The speaker
is an AKC Agility judge and has
been training agility for the last 20
years. This was an 8 hour seminar
and we had a blast! He took time to
evaluate every dog on various
need a bit more confidence! I
cannot tell you how much I LOVE
my Annabelle! I will send you the
rest of the pics after this one.
July 18, 2011
Jacque she is SO smart and full
of fun! We watched her last night
teaching my sister's yellow pup
to fetch. I just can't put the right
words together to describe her.
She was SO WORTH the wait.
July 21, 2011
personality! He gets compliments every single time he heads
outside and that's saying a lot in NYC.
He is a chewer. Plain and simple. However, we've only lost one
flip flop to him. He sticks to his bones. (and my hands!) his baby
teeth were so sharp. They were like needles. His adult teeth are
so white and dense. And such straight teeth! So we dodged
some pretty scary teething since he lives the bones.
Now that he's getting older, he can handle being at the dog run
for hours. He loves it. He is very well behaved. No aggression
whatsoever. In fact, he's a little bit of a baby. But in a good way.
little confused as to what is proper running etiquette while on
the leash. We'll start working on his "jogging with partner" skills
this month. He will love going out for a run.
Have I mentioned that he weighs about 75 pounds? And it
doesn't look like he's done growing yet! So he's headed back to
obedience training this week. We took the summer off to
practice what he's learned. Because of his size, we feel like he
needs to be really well behaved. Particularly in such an urban
environment. Some of his dog run pals will be in class with him.
Next up will be a fun agility class.
This past weekend was a huge breakthrough for him. He
learned to use those giant paws and swim!!! He has HATED the
water - in any form - rain, bath, lake, ocean, anything up until 3
days ago. If you saw him today, you would think he had been
swimming for the past 6 months! We were beginning to worry!
Anyway, enjoy the pictures of your beautiful dog. We love him
and are so incredibly happy with him.


Annie competed in AKC Lure Coursing Agility Competitions 10/2011
Annie's Agility Video

Annie - Lure Course Video
Annie visits the nursing home
to see Grandma and Aunt Tilly.  
Peggy says the residents just
light up when they see Annie.
"I'll have to send you some more pictures of Trooper. He is
growing like a weed and has the best personality. AND, he
wouldn't be here if it weren't for your dedication and love you
gave him. I know that litter had to be hard on you physically
You definitely proved you are cut out for this...alot of people
could not have done what you did. :)"  10/21/2011
"I can definitely comment from both sides of
relationship I have with this precious little girl!
"I can definitely comment from both sides of
BTW Jacque-we are done with agility til March
puppy going home with their new family. I also
have one of Jacque's babies-Annebelle-There
just are not words that give justice to the
relationship I have with this precious little girl!
AND....looking for another Lure Course with All
Breed Coursing Ability Testing so we can get
our 3rd Leg and First AKC Title. My husband
got to see her last run and was AMAZED!"
I thought you might enjoy a few pictures of our girl on her first to our older lab. We
have enjoyed her so much this year. She was the perfect choice to join our family.
December 2011
At 10.5 months
Christmas 2011
January 2012
the required three to get her Rally Novice title.  
We have been practicing weave poles in my
dining room and she is really getting them down.  
On 12 Feb we are going with our agility group to
an indoor ring that lets you run your dog X
number of times for a fee.  This will be a ring we
haven't been at yet so it will be great practice.  I
try to put her in as many different environments
as possible so she knows no matter where we
are, she is safe with me.

Bestkeptlabs Silver Queen Annabelle RN-
Rally - Awards Processed Through 13-JAN-2012

Number Different Judges - 1
Number Qualifying Scores - 1
January 31, 2012
March 2012
my Annabelle! I can hear my
Dad looking down and
smiling while he tells (Me)
and her million dollar dogs!
She's got more money than
brains that one!
We finished Rally Obedience
w/ 2 4th Places & a 3rd Place
today & her 1st Title!
It amazes me how much she puts
up with me! I pinned those ribbons
to her collar and said wait and she
put up with pic after pic after pic.
Just so I could get it right!
My tummy only did a couple of
flip/flops today so that was
better nerves for me. I felt she
responded very well! The
competition was pretty tough.
The 1st place winner received a
96, 2nd & 3rd scored 92s.
Perfect score is 100. Now I just
Born to Our Own
(Light Silver) and
(Light SIlver)
Born to Our Own
(Light Silver) and
(Light Silver)
Born to Our Own
(Light Silver)
Born to Our Own
(Light Silver) and
(Light Silver)
Born to Our Own
(SF Black)
Born to Our Own
(Light Silver) and
(SF Black)
& Stryker
& Stryker (Silver)
& Stryker (Silver)
Thought you might like to see Annie's updated AKC Record.
She now has an RN behind her name!  I AM SO EXCITED!  :-)
April 2012

Dog Information
AKC No.:        SR62247003
Name:        Bestkeptlabs Silver Queen Annabelle RN
Sex:        Female
Breed:        Retriever (Labrador)
Color:        Chocolate
Birth Date:        05/04/2010
Sire:        Silver Strike Of Ellendale - SR55142101
Dam:        Silvertones Zoey Of Ellendale - SR38154804
Breeder(s):        Jacqueline Dyson

Bestkeptlabs Silver Queen Annabelle RN - SR62247003
Rally - Awards Processed Through 28-MAR-2012
Number Different Judges        2         
Number Qualifying Scores        3   
Here is the link for 23 June's
qualifying run.

Annie's 6/23/2012 Qualifying Run
By hookedonagility
Did I send you the link where she was being a clown?  I have to give her
credit in that it was a very hot day.  I sent her to the table and instead of
getting on it, she went under it! She makes me laugh so much.  Thank you
for the hard work and love you put into saving her life as a baby.  I really
Sometimes I think how dumb can I be?  I really do have issue with going
well.  I am working on it by trying to train Daisey Mae.  Annie & Daisey are
best buds as long as I don't leave Annie in the kennel to train Daisey.  Annie
cries like a baby when I do that even though she can still see me.  Like I
said, we are working on it and it is getting better but life without my
Annabelle just doesn't feel alive!

Love you too!

June 2012

Hey Lady,

I have an obedience show in Binghamton, NY 20-22 July.  This show Annie
will be in the Advanced class.   Say a prayer that she and I communicate and
respond well.  This level is off leash and she has become such a socialite
she may be hard to keep focused.  :-)

I am going to try Daisey Mae at this show as well. At least the Novice level is
on leash so I won't have to worry about her running off to hide in her
kennel.  LOL!  She surprised me at the practice show. Hoping she will
surprise me again at this one that counts for points toward a title.
Talk to you later,

Peggy & Annie
July 2012

Hi Jacque,

Annie's Titles and Points page at AKC have been updated!  She now has and
NFP for Novice Fast Preferred after her name!  We are off to another Rally
Obedience competition this coming weekend.  This is the Advanced level
and I am sure she will be my typical little QUEEN.  :-)

Love ya Girlie!

Peggy & Annie
July 2012

Bestkeptlabs Silver Queen Annabelle RN NFP - SR62247003
both get their AKC titles!   I can't believe how Blessed I am to have two such
wonderful dogs in my life!
July 2012
having the time of my life and I thank you ladies for being a part of it.
Love you all,
July 2012
Hi Jacque,

getting tired of hearing about it these days.  You and my two mentors about the
only ones that it doesn't seem like "Oh PLEASE would you shut-up already!"  I
really am so proud of my girls and we get closer all the time. It is hard to believe
Annie and I could get any closer than we are already.  I love all my dogs but I
cannot believe how different it is with Annie.  There just aren't words for it.

Daisey really wants to be a part of everything that Annie is doing but the fear
factor from very little socialization has been a real problem for her.  She has
come a very long way in the last 5 months but she still has a very long way to go.  
I just need to keep doing things for her that say she can trust me.  My job now is
to make it better for Daisey and I can be a bit stubborn when I am on a mission.  
She has a ton of potential in Rally and Agility as well as an all around companion.  
Her and Annie are very close.  Sometimes I think Annie helps a lot just by doing
what she does so well and Daisey watches her.

I have to tell you that I have wanted to do this competition thing for a VERY LONG
TIME!  I am fortunate that my son is now grown with a family of his own so I have
the time.  When he was in school though, we did nothing but hockey and
baseball.  I really felt like I had nothing to do after he left for college. It was very
strange to be home at night instead of shoving dinner down & heading out to a
game or practice or something.  I started this a year ago at the age of 50.  It won't
be too late for you start when your boys are on with their own lives.  Heck, after
raising four boys you might even decide to take a year off just for the peace and
Must get back to work I guess. Break is over.
Talk with you later,

July 2012

July has really been an odd month for me.  I am glad it is over and am sure
August will be much better.
On the happy side, Annie's hip & elbow tests came back great.  I am planning a
litter with her and my charcoal male Koko.  This is a bittersweet decision.  I want
puppies while she is young but that means she will be out of competition for a
few months.  She has three AKC titles since March (2012) and more ribbons than
I have room for until I build her a showcase.  Of course, it will get me a little more
focused on getting Daisey Mae the competition time she needs to get better.

ONE OF THESE DAYS LADY...we will get together.  I want you to see how beautiful
Annabelle is and let you experience some of her wonderful hugs.
Take care and thanks again,
August 2012
a very nice job of  "catching" her on film.  He was very nice and
emailed me the ones his wife used to make my pendant.  Thought
you might like them as well.

The full body one does show some signs of having been at the
Canine Swimming Hole this venue had.  Her seems a little stiff to
me but it is still a very nice pic.
Take care,

August 2012
Hi Jacque!

AKC has caught up Annie's record with her latest title.  She is now:

Bestkeptlabs Silver Queen Annabelle RA NFP - SR62247003

The RA is Rally Advanced.
Have a great night!
August 2012
Good Morning!  Just checking in on you and thought I would send you some pics of my
pregnant baby girl.  You are going to have grandpuppies soon!  :-)   Can we say taking
advantage of being a pampered pregnant pooch?  :-)  Puppies have been very active this
week!  Annie sucks up every moment she can of sleeping in my lap.  I will send pics when the
Love you girly,   (picture above)
Peggy  11/2012