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When purchasing from Ellendale Labradors...
Pricing, Deposits & Purchasing Information

(Colors = Black, Chocolate, and Yellow)
Silver-factored  (SF) Black, Yellow & Chocolate    $600 - Limited AKC Registration  (no breeding rights)
Silver-factored  (SF) Black, Yellow & Chocolate     $1000 - Full AKC Registration  (with breeding rights)

What is Silver-factored (SF)?
ANSWER:  Silver-factored (SF) = A parent of the puppy is Silver, Charcoal, or Champagne, or is from 2 Silver-factored parents.  
SF puppies/dogs are Black, Chocolate, or Yellow in coat color and
carry the dilute gene that produces Silver, Charcoal, and/or Champagne.  
They are
NOT Silver, Charcoal, or Champagne in actual coat color.

(Colors = Silver, Charcoal, and Champagne)
Charcoal or Silver     $1200 - Limited AKC Registration  (w/out breeding rights, meaning offspring can't be registered with AKC)
Charcoal or Silver     
$1800 - Full AKC Registration  (with approved breeding rights, meaning offspring can be registered with AKC)    

Prices subject to change depending on quality of puppy or other reasons as determined by E.L.   
E.L. has the right to FIRST PICK of ANY litter for my breeding program.

Deposit Information
Ellendale Labradors requires a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy/dog.  Updated pictures of the puppies are posted to this
web site and families are emailed regarding updates.  Puppy picks are made at 5 weeks of age in the order in which deposits are received.  
Families need to be prepared to make their pick at 5 weeks of age.  If a visit is wanted prior to making a pick, this needs to be done
IN the 4th week.  Please plan appropriately.  I appreciate and respect each and every person/family and I consider the next person in
line who is waiting to pick their puppy as well.  I ask those getting a puppy to please not wait until the end of the 5th week as I have other
families/individuals with deposits as well and they too are waiting.  Unreasonable delays will result in moving on to the next family for puppy
picks.  The majority of our puppies are picked via pictures and information I provide about each puppy.  (isn't the Internet a wonderful tool!!)  
No one knows the puppies better than the one who takes care of them each and every day.  I see things that you may not see in a
short visit although I welcome each and every visit....we love visitors!!  

Deposits can be transferred to another litter upon request.  Deposits
will be transferred to the next available litter if the color/sex is not born (this
includes false/loss of/non pregnancy with the bitch or death of a puppy)
in the current litter that you have placed your deposit on unless you
decide to choose a different puppy which is available from the litter in which your deposit was placed on.  Should you choose not to transfer your
deposit to the next available litter in the event your choice of puppy was not born, passed away, or the bitch had a false/loss of/non pregnancy,
and you've decided not to choose a different puppy from the current litter, you forfeit any monies paid.   Any problems (between myself and the
person/family who has a deposit placed) caused by any of these situations WILL result in the loss of your monies paid.  I cannot play God and will
not take the verbal abuse over a loss/non pregnancy or the unfortunate loss of a puppy.  If you have a problem with this, please find another
breeder.  These things can and do happen to all breeders just like they do to people.  Deposits are applied to the total price of the puppy/dog.

Flying Your Puppy To You Is An Option
Shipping is available for your puppy after the age of 8 weeks + 1 day, for $450.  This price could increase due to airline prices increasing
and additional related costs (such as destinations outside the Unites States, an older puppy or adult dog needing to be shipped which
would require a larger crate and would be billed by the airline at a higher weight rate, etc).  This price includes the Vet visit, required health
certificates, insurance, airline fees, crate (which you keep), and transportation to the airport.  
Ellendale Labradors makes all travel arrangements by plane and works with each family/individual to arrange a time that will work for both myself
and them
.  Do remember that airlines have their own schedule and do not make them to accommodate every situation.  I like my puppies to be
flown out as early in the morning as possible so that they get to their new families as soon as possible and have time to spend with their new
families before bed time.  There is nothing harder than flying a puppy out only to know it will go home and not get any attention
due to how late in the day it arrived.  For this reason, you may have to adjust your schedule to pick your puppy up from the airport.  
Normally, you can pick them up approximately an hour after they land.
NOTE:  On occasion, delivery or meeting 1/2 way can be arranged, depending on my schedule, for a fee which is determined by miles.

ALL buyer's are required to sign a
Puppy Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee  (<--link to read)
(which I will fill out AFTER the litter has been born and registered w/ AKC)
Signed SA&HG and complete balance for a puppy is REQUIRED prior to receiving a puppy's AKC registration papers.  
This includes new owners and co-owners.  Families picking their puppy up in person will review and sign at that time.  Puppies being flown will
have their SA&HG emailed, to be returned prior to the flight, signed.  A completed copy will be included in your "Important Paperwork" packet
that will travel with your puppy, attached to it's crate.
I take the care of my puppies very seriously, which is the reason for such an in-depth Puppy Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee.  
I have NO intentions of invading your privacy, but if you are not going to take the best of care of your puppy/dog
and give him/her everything he/she needs to live a long and healthy life, you need to find another breeder to buy from.
A copy of the Puppy Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee is provided (above) for your viewing
prior to your deciding whether or
not you want a puppy from me.  It will be filled out with your puppy's information closer to the date for him/her to go home
by me.
If you have any questions about the Puppy Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee, please ask
prior to placing a deposit on a puppy.

To send your deposit via the USPS, the address is:  
Jacqueline Dyson
Please make M.O. or Cashier's Check out to ME,
Jacqueline Dyson,
not Ellendale Labradors

Thank You!!
PO Box 83
Taylorsville, NC  28681
You will need Adobe to read the Puppy Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee

Deposits:  I accept Cash, Cashier's Check, Money Order, or PayPal (PayPal is for Deposits ONLY).
Sorry, No Personal Checks or Business Checks Are Accepted

Balance + Shipping Fee MUST be made by the age of 6 weeks if the puppy is flying.  Delaying this may cause a delay in
the puppy's flight date due to getting everything arranged for the puppy's fight (crate, Vet appointment, airline specifics).  

NOTE:  Balance must now be paid with CASH ONLY if picking your puppy up in person
and you have not sent the balance at least 10 days prior to the date of pick-up.  
This is due to forging of Money Orders and Cashier's Checks.  I apologize and hope you understand.

(an additional non-refundable 4% fee is added for payments made using PayPal)
Click HERE to read more information about
this outstanding supplement given to
my own dogs at Ellendale Labradors.
All of my puppies go to their new homes
with a starter supply.  I recommend that
you place your order at least 2 weeks prior
to receiving your new puppy.

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Current Labels
LT - 031610 - 120x90 F&T
Newborn Silver Labrador Puppies Sleeping
  • Up to date de-worming and vaccinations
  • Written Health Guarantee
  • Health Record
  • Deluxe New Puppy Starter Kit (not with adult dogs)
  • Starter Supply of NuVet Plus All Natural Supplements
  • Lifetime Commitment From Breeder
  • Bred for English features - large block heads, thick otter-like tails, and shorter, stocky bodies.
  • Puppies are released to go to their new homes no earlier than 7 weeks of age.
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