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Straight From The Heart
Should you do that instead of this... Or this instead of that,
Alone you fight, and hope one day, his little head you'll pat,
And bring joy to another being, and make a house a home,
You know it's all just up to you, you'll fight this fight alone.

Formula, bottles, heating pads, you've got to get this right,
Two hourly feeds for this tiny guy, throughout the day and night.
In your heart you know, you're almost sure to lose the fight,
To save this little baby, but God willing... You just MIGHT.

Day One he's in there fighting, you say a silent prayer,
Day Two & Three, he's doing well, with lots of love and care.
Day Four and Five... He's still alive, your hopes soar to the heavens,
Day Six he slips away again.  Dies in your hands, day Seven.

You take this little angel, and bury him alone.
With an aching heart and burning tears, with an exhausted groan,
You ask yourself "Why do this?  Why suffer all this pain?"
But to see the joy your puppies bring....It will really self-explain.

So, when you think of Breeders and label us with
Think about what we endure to fill another's need.
When you come to buy a puppy and with your precious dollars part,
You only pay with money... We pay with all our heart!

~ Unbelievably 'Blessed' To Be A Breeder ~
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Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have.
~Thom Jones

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Ellendale Labradors Puppy News
Starting them off as healthy as possible!!
Always Under Construction
(adding more pictures as I
find them in my files)
Left & Below:
Premature puppy weighing
in at 6.2 oz, born 11 days
early.  Litter of 15, lost 2.
Notice the rosy noses, feet,
ears, and tails.  Full term
pups do not have this.
Left:  2 puppies that
developed Pneumonia,
were rushed to Vet,
then on breathing
treatments around the
clock for a few days
along with other
meds.  Both healed
and one is the mom of
my current Charcoal
male, Stark!!
Right & Above:
*Emergency C-Section
*Re-stapled Insision
(she pulled staples out)
*Bottle-fed puppies
*Mastitis w/ Rupture
Rough road with this
litter but thankful to
have only lost 2 puppies.
Expecting Puppies
Current Puppies
(On The Ground)
Puppies go to their new homes at 7+ weeks of age.

None at this time

Appx May 2018
Perri x Stryker
Silver Litter Expected

Fall 2018
Stella x ???

NOTE:  Heats are approximate.  Not all
females come in heat every 6 months.
Above is estimated from their history.
Ellie May x Gus
Born 01/20/2018
1 Male & 3 Females  

Sheena x Stryker
Born 01/11/2018
6 Males & 3 Female

Perri x Stryker
Born 01/15/2018
1 Female
A dog wags
its tail with
its heart.
-Martin Buxbaum
One of two puppies being bottle
raised.  This consists of feedings
every 2 hours around the clock
and helping the puppies relieve
themselves.  It's exhausting  but
worth every second!!
Below:  Mastitis Moments
Warning:  Graphic Photos Follow
Mastitis is common in female mammals whether human or animal.  All milk producing mammals are subject to this very painful infection.  
There are 2 types of Mastitis; Caked Breasts & Acute Septic Mastitis.  

Caked breasts normally happens during a false pregnancy or a small litter when the mother has extra milk.  Typically no infection is present.

Acute Septic Mastitis is an infection or abscess of one or more of the mammary glands that is caused by bacteria that enters her body around the
teat area from a scratch or wound to the skin.  There are also cases of blood borne infections.  These infections can happen anywhere from 1-6
weeks postpartum.  Dams will run a high fever, appear depressed and lethargic, & refuse to eat.  Normally the infection occurs in the back 2 teats
but can happen in any of them.  They are extremely painful, swollen, hot and hard with a reddish-blue appearance.  The milk would be blood-tinged,
thick, yellow, string-like and some people have the ability to notice the smell of infection.  The dam needs to be taken to see a vet immediately to
prevent a possible rupture.  Normally antibiotics are given and warm compresses are used to help get the infection expelled through milking by
hand.  Puppies should not be allowed to drink the milk from an infected teat which can be a challenge for a breeder depending on how old the
puppies are.  Sometimes the dam will feel so bad that she will refuse to care for and/or feed the puppies in which they should be taken from the
dam and hand-raised.  One way to prevent this infection is to be sure the puppy's nails are trimmed weekly to prevent them from poking the dams
skin and causing irritation, scratches, and the open door for infection.  This information was found in my own personal copy of 'Dog Owner's Home
Veterinary Handbook, 4th Ed.' which I highly recommend every dog owner have on hand.  

From my own experiences...
Sometimes the infection is more active than the amount of time allowed to get the antibiotics in the dams system and the infection will cause the
teat to swell to the point of rupturing.  This has happened with 2 of my girls in all my years of breeding and it is something no breeder wants to see.  
We are definitely teat watchers!!  I documented one of the girls because I felt it would help someone down the road.  These photos (below) are from
my female that is now retired, Gracie.  Her first litter, she developed Mastitis in her highest teat (near her head).  Overnight it became the size of a
baseball.  I had called the Vet as it was on a Sunday when I noticed it was somewhat swollen to about the size of a walnut, was hot, and she
definitely appeared tender but no fever.  We'd planned to take her in first thing in the morning.  Overnight, it swelled to the size of a baseball and
within a couple of hours is busted with 3 small holes present and her whole upper chest very wet.  She was acting like a new girl, feeling good and
so happy to see me.  We went on to the Vet as by now I was freaking out at what was going on with her since I had never had this happen before.  
She was put on antibiotics and we had to irrigate the teat until we could no longer get the syringe in the holes to flush it out.  Irrigating the teat
would help drain the infection.  That was done around 3 or 4 times a day and took a few days.  She was such a trooper through all of it and I never
had to take the puppies from her.

Gracie's 2nd round of Mastitis was not as nice to her and it ended up costing her any future of being a mother again.  Basically the same thing
happened, nothing any different than the 1st litter, only this time it was in her 2nd to last teat near her rear end.  I found her laying lethargic with
very hot breath and feeling extremely hot to the touch.  I immediately checked her belly and each teat.  I turned her on her side to see what was
wrong.  She had a huge teat that was so big I was once again blown away.  I got her to get to the whelping box and called the Vet.  It ruptured
before we could get to the Vet's office and this time it was major.  She scared me to death. It looked like she had been shot with a shot gun.  
Honestly, my entire fist would have fit in that hole.  We got her to the Vet and they ended up keeping her, getting it irrigated, giving her fluids and
working to get her fever down.  She refused to eat which I expected but didn't like.  She did eventually get to come home to heal and was not to be
with her puppies.  I was already bottle raising and preparing to wean them so they were fine.  She had to heal from the inside out which was going
to be hard for her with a would this size this time.  We did the same as with the last time, irrigating a few times a day and giving her meds.  We went
back and it was determined she was going to have to have a Mastectomy because the wound was so big.  She was also spayed during that same
surgery as this was twice in a row that we'd dealt with it and I honestly didn't feel it was fair to her to risk it anymore.  She had her surgery and was
stapled up and brought home to recover.  She proceeded to pull out all of her staples so we ended up going back to the Vet to be re-stapled and
found some wonderful nasty-tasting spray to keep her mouth off of her belly.  It worked and she eventually healed completely and today you can't
even tell that she is missing that teat.  

Today,she is a healthy girl living it up with her new owner, Cathy.  I've gotten to go visit them after she got settled in and I couldn't be happier with
her retirement.  She is a spoiled "only dog" that lives inside, has a pool, is doted on all the time, and is loved beyond measure!!  Needless to say, it
was a hard experience, but what I learned was invaluable.  Below are the photos from both times and I will warn you, the 2nd time photos are
graphic so if you can't handle looking at that stuff, don't scroll on down.  This is put here for your information and to share a piece of a breeder's
world that most people never see or even know about.  This was not shared to gross anyone out.  Please don't view it that way.
This is a very real part of life for not only dogs, but all mammals.
Left & Below:  Gracie's 1st
round of Mastitis.
Above:  At the vet's office,
checking the other teats
and milk quality.
Below:  Gracie's 1st
round of Mastitis.
Below:  Gracie's 2nd
round of Mastitis.
Not Very Bad

                              Extreme  --->

X-ray at the ER Vet.  
Click on it to make it
larger and see if you
can find all 14
puppies.  One had
already been born.  I
can't get it to turn the
correct way.  Sorry.
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Upcoming Breedings

What's a Breeder deal with?  Below, I thought I'd start adding some of the experiences I've dealt
with that are a very real part of the Breeding world.  Not everything is easy....in fact, much of it is
incredibly hard and down time is seldom a part of the day when puppies are on the ground.
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