**Scrapbook of my dogs and puppies**
2006 Litter

This litter had
5 Chocolate
3 Black
1 Light Silver

This is an example of what 2
"Silver-Factored" Labs can
produce together, parents
being Black and Chocolate.
More coming soon!!
Check back often for updates!!
Litter Born to a Light Silver Dam & a SF Black Sire
Contained 5 Light Silver, 4 Charcoal Silver, and 2 Black
Dolly's Sire
Sterling Creek Silver Teal
Dolly's Dam
Sterling Creek Silver Smoke
Ellendale Labradors
Picture & Video Page
My Light
Silver Male
Playing fetch
in the snow!!
A great training aid!!
EL Artificial Nurser
EL Artificial Nurser
When forced to hand-raise a
litter, it is hard to have
enough hands with litters
as large as Labradors
produce.  Sitting with a
previously hand-raised
litter, I had a lot of time to
'think' and the idea came to
me regarding an easier way
to feed the puppies while
providing them with a
'natural' feeding method,
allowing them to search for
the nipple, find it, and nurse
on their own, falling asleep
off of it when they were
finished.  It has been a life
and time saver for me.
Jacqueline& Zoey
Jacqueline & Zoey
Jacqueline & Zoey
Laying outside relaxing
with one of my very
pregnant Silver females,
Zoey,  about 10 days
before her due date.   She
was all about getting her
tummy and chest rubbed.  
Sisters Dolly (L) & Piper (R)
My little Steeler's fan
Charcoal Silver Puppy
Jack - Originally our family
dog, became our
foundation dog.  (SF Black)
Zoey - My 1st

Zoey w/ Jack
Piper, My 1st
Charcoal Lab
My sweet boy Tucker
who we had planned
to breed to Zena.  Both
carry a beautiful
pedigree.  Sadly we
lost him in an
accident.  RIP sweet
boy.  I miss you so
much and will never
forget you!!