Current &
Upcoming Litters
Parents:  SF Black Male x Silver Female
Beautiful litter of 10 puppies
4 Silver, 4 Charcoal,
and 2 SF Black.
Puppy Kisses
Our puppies are handled daily
from the day they are born until
they go to their new homes.  

Above, my son is enjoying
some attention from one
of the puppies.

Below, I am enjoying my
own 'mommy moments'
with some litters.
Blue Eyed Cutie
Light Silver puppies
are born with very
brilliant Blue eye
that catch a lot of
They will
change at 8-12
weeks of age.
Color can range from
a light Gray color to a
lighter Golden Brown,
similar to a Chocolate
Lab's eyes but
Litter of Labs Playing In The Creek
love water.
To the right,
we have
treated a litter
to a trip
to a creek
for an
to the
and some
time away
from mom.
Above & To The Right:
Light Silver puppy and adult.
Light Silver Puppy

Charcoal Silver Puppy
Light Silver Puppy Showing Off Those Blue Eyes
Zoey As An Adult
Litter Of Lab Pups At 5 Weeks
Playing With A Litter Of Lab Pups
Zoey With A Litter Of Pups
Beautiful Litter Of Light Silver, Charcoal Silver, and Black Lab Pups
Charcoal Silver Cutie
Charcoal puppies are born with
Sapphire Blue eyes that will later
turn to a shade just a little different
from a Black Lab's eyes.
Charcoal Silver Pup Showing Off Her Saffire Blue Eyes
A Hand-raised Litter Of Labs Sleeping
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with a
chest rub
while laboring.  
All of our
moms are
for her
safety and
as well as
A Light Silver pup playing with our
Ragdoll cat, Bella.
SF Black Female, Pitch

Maggie, Charcoal Silver Female
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Every boy should have
two things:
a dog and a mother
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Newborn Puppies
Left Puppy:  Charcoal Silver
Right Puppy:  Light Silver
Chunky Light Silver Puppy
Beautiful Coat Color
Aren't I adorable?  Light Silver Labrador Puppy
Silver Male ~ Weight - 90's
Perri's Sister
Silver Female - Weight - 70's
Stryker           Dolly            Gracie
Silver Litter Born To Lacy & Stryker
(above) A sweet mommy moment in
between delivering puppies.

(below) Feeding time for young puppies.
Sheena's Sister
Silver Female - Weight - 70's
Charcoal Female ~ Weight - 70's
4 Weeks
This is how she slept
on the way home from
Arkansas in the back
seat of the car.
Such a nut....Love it!!
Siblings chilling in the grass, Light Silver Labrador Puppies
Charcoal Male ~ Weight - 80's
Dolly, Pepper, & Perri
Great example of why the Silver Labs make great hunting
dogs....they have amazing camo effects with a coat this color.
Silver-factored Black pup,
carries the Dilute gene but
is the color of a Standard
Black Labrador.   If you are
unsure if your dog is a
carrier of this gene, contact
a canine genetics lab and
ask for a Coat Color test.  All
you have to do is swab their
cheek and send it in.  They
will mail you the results.  
You will not be able to tell by
looking at them.
A bottle-raised litter of 3 surviving puppies,
1 Silver and 2 Charcoal.
"Ellie May"
White/Cream Female - Weight - 80's
Ellie May
White/Cream Male - Weight - 70's
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