Adult Labrador Retrievers From Ellendale Labradors
There are MANY reasons you may find an adult Labrador Retriever for sale or being
rehomed.  With us, the reasons range from retiring one of our dogs from breeding,
helping a family find a new home for their dog, a breeding prospect not fitting into what
we are trying to achieve, or at times, some folks just do not want to deal with the
struggles that can come from puppyhood and would prefer to skip that part.  While we do
not have adults available often, when we do, they will be listed on this page as well as the
reasons why.  As much information as possible will be included along with pictures,a
pedigree and finally the price.  These dogs are sold under different conditions as are our
puppies and a different Sales Agreement, adapted to an adult dog, will be sent home with
the dog and his/her new family.  If you have questions about any dogs listed here, please
feel free to contact us at any time either by phone, email or you may use the form on the
"Contact Us" page.
Silver Female ~ Weight - Mid 70's
Our sweet girl, Dolly, is being retired out of our breeding program and is currently looking for her forever home, massive spoiling,
playing, and enjoying the remaining years she has.  She is a sweet girl, doesn't like cats, and gets long great with other dogs.  
She will come with her health record and a retiring Sales Agreement.  Her actual AKC paperwork will stay with me as well as her
registration status.  Dolly has NOT been spayed and should any puppies be produced, that responsibility will be on her new family as well
as any and all costs involved and under NO circumstances will the offspring be registered.  SHE IS RETIRED FROM BREEDING.  She has
been micro-chipped which will also stay in my name in order to prevent her being dropped off at a pound or shelter.  This is for HER
protection as well as my reassurance.  
There will be a $250 rehoming charge for her as she is now retiring.  While many breeders retire their dogs at no charge at all, I want to
be sure she is going to go to a home that is serious about taking good care of her.  Since I have no idea what may happen after she is no
longer in my care, a good will rehoming fee is being charged.  We would like to see her have a good home, with or without children (she's
great with them), be loved and treated like the little furry queen she is.  Please ask any and all questions prior to making a decision.
$250 Rehoming Fee
Black Female ~ Weight - Mid 70's

Selling Price - $800
This is our gorgeous girl, Zena, who came to us out of a line of conformation competing bloodlines.  Our plan with
her was to improve our Dilute lines as well as breed her to a male that we had when we purchased her that had a
beautifully matching pedigree as well as features.  That did not work out as we lost him before she came of age to
be bred to him.  We ended up breeding her to Stryker.  She had a beautiful litter of little SF Black and Chocolate
puppies.  She is a very thickly built girl, shorter and stocky with a beautiful head shape, very thick tail and a very
playful personality.  She loves to do the normal Labrador favorites like fetching, playing around, walks, or just laying
around.  She's got by far some of the most expressive eyes of any Labrador we've owned.  While I hated to make the
decision to part with her, we need to do some down-sizing and we are looking to take our breeding into a slightly
different direction in the year ahead.  She is due to come in heat this month, November 2017.  She will come with a
rehoming agreement, Full AKC Registration Transfer, all pedigrees of her line that we have on file, and her health
record.  We would like to see her have a good home, preferably a breeding home.  She is good around children and
adults, does not like cats or chickens but does great with other dogs.  She likes the alpha position if put in a pack
environment but has never fought for her position.  Her growl is all she has ever used to tell the other girls the
position she wants in the pack.   Please ask any and all questions prior to making a decision.