Adult Labrador Retrievers From Ellendale Labradors
There are MANY reasons you may find an adult Labrador Retriever for sale or being
re-homed.  With E.L., the reasons range from retiring one of our dogs from breeding,
helping a family find a new home for their dog, a breeding prospect not fitting into
what we are trying to achieve, or at times, some folks just do not want to deal with
the struggles that can come from puppy-hood and would prefer to skip that part.  
While we do not have adults available often, when we do, they will be listed on this
page as well as the reasons why.  As much information as possible will be included
along with pictures, a pedigree and the price.  These dogs are sold under different
conditions as are our puppies and tailored to the situation.  If you have questions
about any dogs listed here or upcoming retiring dogs, please feel free to contact us
at any time either by phone, email or you may use the form on the "Contact Us" page.

We do not have any adults available at this time.