Ellendale Labradors
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Silver, Charcoal, Chocolate, White & Black Labrador Retrievers
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PHONE:  828-228-0009
Welcome to Ellendale Labrador's home on
the Internet.  I hope you find our site
both enjoyable and informative.  
Ellendale  Labradors produces the following
varieties of AKC Labrador Retrievers:  
Silver, Charcoal, SF Black, SF Chocolate
and now SF White and Champagne.

Facts About Light Silver & Charcoal Silver Labs

You can click on the link above to find out, in basic
terms, 'how' you can get a Labrador to turn out
Silver or Charcoal, two very uncommon and
unusual colors, as well as other information
pertaining to these unique colors.

I've found that one of the most common questions
seems to be "How can a Lab turn out Silver?"
or "Is that a Lab?".  
Many comments I've gotten include "I've never
heard of a Silver Lab.", "Look at those eyes!",
and the most common comment...
"She is absolutely beautiful!!".
America's #1 Breed Since 1991
In The USA, The UK, & Canada!!
Welcome Labrador Lovers
Light Silver Labrador Retriever Puppy (above left)
& Adult (above right) (same dog)

When photographing
Silver Labs, surrounding
colors can make the
Silver seem different
"Show Offs"
Two Charcoal Silver Pups & One Light
Silver Pup "Barking up a tree".
Light Silver and Charcoal Silver Sisters
Labrador Retriever pictures, photos, information and Ecards
Ellendale Labradors is a proud user and
Distributor of NuVet  Plus Supplements.  
All of my puppies go to their new
homes with a starter pack.
This link will take you to my order page.
Labrador Apparel & Items With
Light & Charcoal Silvers, Black, & Chocolate Labs



Nicole B with
Charcoal Silver

We have Charcoal puppies
due appx. July 27th!!!

Visit The Puppy Page
for up-to-date
puppy information
A dog may be
man's best friend,
but a child's best friend
is a puppy.
Happiness is a warm puppy.
Charles Schulz
Stryker playing
fetch in the snow.
(great training aid)
Piper graduating
from Obedience
Silver puppy
at 15 weeks old,
weighing in at 49
Bill M.'s Silver Lab,
Madigan, enjoying a ride
Hunting Lab Image
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